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  • Can homeowners erect a fence on or around their property?
    As stated in the HOA governing documents, fences are not permitted except safety rails for retaining walls, or if a fence is required by law or local ordinance. Specific details are available in the Covenants for Palisades, Article IX, Section 7. Restrictions on Walls, Fences, and Hedges: No hedge shall be erected on the front or back of any Lot unless specifically approved by the ARC. No fences of any kind shall be constructed on Palisades Properties without the express written approval of the ARC. Fenced in areas constructed for the purpose of containing animals is strictly prohibited. No fences of any kind or of any material or construction shall be permitted on Lot boundary lines, except safety rails for retaining walls. Fences for the purpose of screening approved swimming pools and approved game and play structures, air conditioning units and garbage receptacles, and safety rails for retaining walls, shall be subject the approval of the ARC as to color, materials, construction, height, configuration, and location. In no event shall this Section contradict any Lake County, or other applicable zoning code or ordinance. Notwithstanding anything in this Section 7 to the contrary, the Developer may erect such fences or walls as are reasonably necessary for the protection and safety and welfare of the Lot Owners, other persons and property or as required by law or local rule or ordinance."
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the retaining wall between properties?
    The owner of the lot having the higher elevation is responsible for the retaining wall. Details can be found in the Covenants for Palisades, Article IX, Section 36, B. Retaining Walls and Fences: The maintenance, repair and replacement of railroad ties, retaining walls and safety rails at changes of grade between Lots shall be maintained at the sole cost and expense of the owner of the Lot having the higher elevation. No additional fence of any kind or material or construction be permitted anywhere on the property except for developer installed safety rails or except as specifically approved by the ARC.
  • Can a buyer purchase multiple homes in Palisades?
    Palisades Covenants restrict ownership to two lots/homes, as stated in the Covenants, Article IX, Section 35. Ownership of Multiple Residential Units: No Owner (other than Developer, its successors, or a Builder appointed by Developer) shall own any number of Lots within the Association greater than two (2).
  • Does Palisades HOA have an Initial Assessment/Capital Contribution fee?
    Yes, the one-time Initial Assessment/Capital Contribution fee, currently $2,500, is paid at the time of closing when the property is transferred from one owner to another.
  • Are home leases/rentals permitted in Palisades?
    Leases/rentals are permitted, and require prior written approval of the Property Management Company and the HOA. A one-year minimum lease term is mandatory. Use of the property must comply with Palisades Declaration of Covenants and Lake County ordinances.

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